The Peace Education Centre (T-PEC)

About The Peace Education Centre (T-PEC)

The Peace Education Centre (T-PEC) is a non-profit, Myanmarese refugee community learning centre based in downtown Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our mission is to provide education, shelter, and a high standard of living for approximately 100 refugee children.

Due to the ongoing conflicts in Myanmar, many ethnic minority families have to cross national borders to seek asylum in another country. At T-PEC, the majority of our students come from the hill tribes in the Chin State of Myanmar. Most have to go through severe hardship and abuse while fleeing the military.

Confined by their status as refugees, our children are ineligible to receive public education and certainly cannot afford private institutions. The school is protected by the UNHCR, but we are fully dependent on the generous giving of kind donors to meet expenses including rental, food and groceries, medical bills and school supplies. Our teaching and administrative staff are all dedicated volunteers who work solely out of goodwill and kindness.

Our school was established to provide comprehensive education from nursery to secondary school. We wish to equip our students with knowledge and practical skills to qualify for permanent resettlement in another country, such as the USA or Australia, and to aid their subsequent transition there.

Our teaching emphasizes the core subjects of English, Science, and Mathematics as well as practical expertise in Accounting and Business Studies. In addition, all students take up non-academic co-curricular activities, such as music, art & crafts, drama, dancing and sports (football, badminton, and other team sports).

Beyond the provision of education, the centre also ensures that these children are safe and sheltered from the real threat on the streets, such as human traffickers who kidnap children to be sold to beggar syndicates.