Serving Communities

Did You Know? 63% of NGOs cannot survive longer than 6 months without additional funding.

Sustainable partners through long-term upskilling strategies, mindset changes, marketplace opportunities.

We aim to not only support NGOs and social organisations but to also work together to elevate us into more sustainable organisations that continue fighting for our causes through collaboration, upskilling and guidance. The future of NGOs may be becoming social enterprises or other business models. The marketplace feature will make it easy to see results in a non-threatening way, in hopes that they will see what a sustainable income model can do for their specific causes. MAD Academy aims to upskill them in these areas, not only for current needs, but future plans.

Our community-first principle ensures that what we do to support your organisation and cause is effective to achieve your missions, based on our conversations, research and on-going collaboration with one another. Help us help you so you can help others!

How do we work with Communities?

It starts with one 'makan' session!

3 Simple Steps:

  1. Understanding your community's needs and challenges with volunteers and upskilling
  2. Finding a solution to manage, drive and measure your impact on one platform
  3. Creating a feedback loop with data (reports & analyses) to drive your next steps