Our History

How did we begin?

MAD For Good originated from DoGood Volunteer, an initiative under the Leaderonomics Community team (now known as MAD Movement) that begin in 2011. The platform then was mainly on-the-ground activation teams that were all into Making A Difference with our local NGOs. In less than 5 years and with only 5 people on the team - it grew to over 140 thousand volunteers. In 2017, the initiative was acquired by our then stakeholder; The Star Group.

In 2020, a small team of 4 returned to the works of the bigger ecosystem we wanted to build. The pursuit of really transforming all areas of the doing good initiative begin with an idea of a connecting platform. We dreamt of something way bigger and more inclusive of all the changemakers we needed to make it work.

So yes, we’ve done this before! Learning from these lessons, we will drive greater impact through partnerships across all stakeholders. We dream big so we can impact bigger! Previously known as Do Good Volunteer & Do Good Academy in 2011 till 2017.

Over 150,000 Volunteering Hours | 350 NGOs Trained | 8,257 NGO Projects Completed |

146,000 Volunteers Mobilised