Stand Pie Me

About Stand Pie Me

STAND Vision & Mission:

S – Skills
T – Talents
A – Acceptance
N – Needs
D – Destiny

Every young adult with special needs has Skills and Talents we can develop.
We create an environment of Acceptance, believing their Needs can be met
in this community, as we enable every individual to realise his or her
God-given Destiny.

Our Objectives:
-This will be a viable business that will produce high-quality quiches and pies for schools, food production houses, and cafés and through online sales.
-The generation of profit of the business will be apportioned among the employees.
-This social enterprise should be a replicable business model.
-This social enterprise is founded on principles and values.
-The emphasis is on mentorship and the development of employees.

Our Strategy
-Establish a marketing strategy by speaking to schools or homeschooling centres to secure an order of pies or quiches for the students’ lunch, for one day within a week. If we are able to secure a few schools for each weekday in the week, we will then be able to have a consistent order of pies and quiches for the weekdays in an entire week.
-Establish contacts and supply to cafes and restaurants that do not have pies and quiches on their menu. Suggest to them that this can be an item that they add to their menu to enhance sales opportunities.
-Establish contacts with party organizers and caterers to supply pies or tartlets.
-Establish social media advertisements for online sales.
-“Bless With A Pie”, is where people or organizations can order pies to bless a needy home during a special occasion/event.
-Walk-in retail sales.