Sri Eden

About Sri Eden

Sri Eden was founded in 2000 by five ladies who were drawn to cater to the needs of children with special needs. Currently, we are operating as a non-profit, non-governmental special needs centre with a multidisciplinary team, catering to a holistic intervention approach for children and adolescents with a diverse range of learning difficulties. These children comprise of those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down’s Syndrome, Dyspraxia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and diagnosed conditions.

Sri Eden provides early intervention, academic learning, training on living skills & pre-vocational skills programs for children and adolescents with special needs. We guide each child with an aim to achieve his/her highest potential in hopes that they will lead an independent life and have a better future.

Many of our children have behaviour problems due to sensory dysfunction that prevents them from learning in a normal environment. These debilitating behaviours have to be managed through structured intervention, sensory integration exercises conducted by our occupational therapists and those with speech delays and communication problems by our speech therapist.