About The Sea Monkey Project

Plastic pollution is everywhere, and going nowhere fast - except into our waterways, soil, food, air, and bodies.

Here at The Sea Monkey Project, we create ocean plastic solutions and education.

We believe in creating positive social and environmental impacts. As designers, we have a responsibility to rethink our material choices, and cease using virgin plastics in new products. We upcycle single-use plastics into long-lasting ethical souvenirs; upcycling plastic “waste” means turning trash into treasure.

We emphasize the importance of education because we recognize the global scale of plastic pollution. We cannot recycle our way out of the plastic crisis; we need to rethink and redesign the systems which led us here.

We are raising funds to grow and empower our network of Community Project Sites, supporting people whose mission is creating ocean plastic solutions and education. Education is a powerful catalyst for change. Everyone can make a difference.