Good Shepherd Services

About Good Shepherd Services

Good Shepherd Services (GSS) is a not-for-profit organisation registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia and has been granted tax-exempt status. The organisation has its origins as a charity founded and operated by the Good Shepherd Sisters in 1956. The Good Shepherd Sisters is a worldwide Congregation present in 73 countries in six continents.

We reach out and welcome each person with respect and dignity, accompanying each one with care and compassion. Through the years our focus has grown and evolved, as we reach out to those who are marginalised and broken, especially women, girls and their families, restoring and nurturing in them their worth and dignity.

As we continue our tradition of upholding the rights, worth and dignity of women and children in underserved communities and those experiencing sexual and gender-based violence, we have diversified our services from residential services to now include a range of residential and outreach services in Malaysia.