Eats, Shoots & Roots

About Eats, Shoots & Roots

Started in 2012 by Sabina Arokiam, Juergen Soecknick and Shao-Lyn Low, it all started as an intention to bring urban communities closer to nature, through the growing of food. With a small capital, a small house in suburban Petaling Jaya was the first melting pot to bring together agriculture experts and people who wanted to know more about their food and growing.

Growing from seed to seed - With new growths and the addition of Beatrice Yong, the division to help provide edible gardening goods was established to help the growing community of edible gardeners kickstart their gardens with seeds and good soil.

Beyond edible gardens - Eats, Shoots & Roots has since grown into a team dedicated to helping urban people and communities make the most out of their urban spaces; from converting balconies into edible gardens, to bringing back outdoor classrooms as a place of learning and discovery.