Drug Free Malaysia

About Drug Free Malaysia

Drug Free Malaysia is a non-profit body registered with Registration Of Society which was established from 2017 before changing its name from Drug Free Youth Association registered under Registration Of Youth in 2010. The main purpose of establishing DFM is to raise awareness about the dangers of drug abuse to individuals, family, friends, community & Country. DFM's approach is to fill the youth's free time with various activities, especially music and extreme sports to avoid the youth from unhealthy symptoms and other social problems. DFM consists of youths who love music and extreme sports. DFM also tries to promote a healthy & positive lifestyle through the songs produced. The bands under the auspices of DFM are also clean from all social symptoms and drug abuse. Drug Free Malaysia also organizes campaigns to promote positive living values ​​such as Anti-Racism Day, against the destruction of nature, anti-drug campaign, Straight Edge and also a day without tobacco. World anti -drug day and anti -drug day are celebrated annually by DFM. We work closely with the National Anti -Drug Agency and our NGO Partners Pemadam, Pengasih and MASAC.