Therapist Volunteer

Therapist Volunteer

Task · 4–8 hrs · by 27 Jul 2023
71700, Mantin, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
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Muhibbah Food Bank Malaysia
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Volunteer at a school or special care center for children and/or adults with various levels of physical and intellectual disability

Detailed description

About the Program

Special Care facilities and schools, that cater for children and adults with disabilities, are very much in short supply in Malaysia. Besides this shortage of facilities, the few that do exist often face various challenges on a daily basis (extremely high operating costs, staff shortages, aging equipment, etc.). The children at these facilities have profound intellectual and physical disabilities and require round-the-clock care. Basic skills like feeding themselves, using the bathroom, walking, talking and even general playing are all very challenging tasks for them. The children will more than likely, never be completely independent, and total care will be required for the rest of their lives. 

This program is ideal for those studying and working in the field (Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Speech Therapy, etc.)! Even if not qualified, volunteers bring affection, attention and love. "Special-needs" children require this on a constant basis throughout the day and volunteers provide these extra hands and eyes.

Structure and Facilities 

  • Full equipment with Snozelen Room and Sensory Integration Room 
  • Resources available and level of trained staff 
  • Hostels will be provided
  • Placements available in the local communities only

LANC and LAECC are supporting Special Needs centers for people with mental diseases. 

The Volunteer's Role

Malaysia is currently in the process of reforming the legislative provisions addressing issues that affect people with disabilities. Nevertheless, structural shortcomings still exist especially for what concerns access to basic services that may enhance their capacity to self mobility and independent living, economic self-sufficiency as well as health outcomes.  The burden of this ineffective integration inevitably falls on the families of the individuals with disabilities. A stronger commitment is needed for both individuals affected by disabilities and families that support them.

A disability is not necessarily an inescapable condition resulting from pre-existing health issues. It is also a consequence of the negative interaction with an inhospitable and hostile environment. Any innovative initiative requires measures designed to break down the barriers that hinder the inclusion on a daily basis of people affected by disabilities within our society.

Special Needs organisations intend to focus not only on people with disabilities, but also on those who interact daily with them, such as teachers and parents, friends and colleagues. The aim is to create a best practice that can be duplicated overtime in order to ease the issues associated with these conditions. This approach depicts a multifaceted, non-partial and educational development method made readily available to those who have a disability and also to those who want to interact effectively with them.

Possible Tasks

Depending on the centre where volunteers will be hosted the various activities and tasks may include:

  • Support to services provided to the centre's guests such as psychotherapy, neuro-psychomotor therapy, educational training
  • Support, partecipation or teaching in artistic or creative workshops (e.g. theatre, music and handcrafting), activities supporting the development of an enhanced personal autonomy and/or recreational activities
  • Desk support in communication, marketing and fundraising with activities such as web editing, social media management, campaigning, content production and grant making activities

The centre works with:

  • Primary, Middle and High School students
  • Local Health Authorities
  • Rehabilitation Centres
  • Neuro-psychiatrists, psychotherapists, neuro-psychomotor therapists, speech therapists and psychologists; new professionals with socio-cultural mediation experience
  • Professionals and experts in the areas of education, labour, sports, music therapy and those who are specialised in applying therapeutic and integration processes applied to working and social environments

Getting there

45, Jalan Bukit Belian 5, Taman Bukit Belian, 71700 Mantin, Negeri Sembilan.
Unfortunately, you can no longer register for this volunteering opportunity. You can find other volunteering opportunities here.
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