Volunteers Needed as Food Packers (17.06.2023)

Volunteers Needed as Food Packers (17.06.2023)

Event · 17 Jun 2023, 10:00 - 13:00
Wisma Commercedotcom, No. 15, Petaling Jaya, Selangor 46050, Malaysia
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The organiser has marked this opportunity as filled. Applications are closed. You can find other volunteering opportunities here.
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Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA)
Scan me or visit platform.madforgood.org/o/Malaysian-Relief-Agency-MRA/opportunities/Volunteers-Needed-as-Food-Packers-17062023/65827 to join

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Volunteer with us to assemble 600 food packs that are for our targetted community!

Detailed description

Hi, we are from the Malaysian Relief Agency welcome you to be part of our volunteer for this upcoming weekend!

Come and join us to help us pack 600 food packs. These food packs will be donated to the community in need in around the Klang Valley. We need high-spirited volunteers like you to join us in helping our community. If you are interested, the details as below:-

Date: 17th June 2023 (Saturday)

Time: 10.00 am - 1.00 pm

Location: Wisma Commerce Dot Com, Petaling Jaya.

Lunch will be provided to all volunteers! Reach out to us for any inquiries!

Getting there

The organiser has marked this opportunity as filled. Applications are closed. You can find other volunteering opportunities here.
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About Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA)

Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA) is a humanitarian organization registered under the Trustee Act 1952 (PPAB 20/2010), with the primary objective of assisting those affected by natural disasters or armed conflicts, both locally and abroad. As a non-profit organization, all activities are sponsored and supported by concerned individuals and corporations. In 2014, MRA received special consultative status from United Nations – Economic and Social Council (UN-ECOSOC) which enable MRA to participate in UN deliberations. In 2017, MRA was accepted as an Associate Member of the Federation of Islamic Medical Association (FIMA).


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  • Shameema Khalid
    I had a wonderful experience volunteering at MRA. A huge thankyou to the friendly organizers for their exceptional assistance and direction and to all the passionate volunteers for their uplifting nature! It was such a sweet and an eye-opening experience.
    • Jun 29, 2023
    • ?
      I must say, the entire process, from start to finish, was undeniably enjoyable and rewarding, thanks to the warm and welcoming attitude of the other fellow volunteers. I must also commend the organizers for their exceptional support and guidance throughout the process, ensuring that everything ran smoothly and efficiently. Overall, the positive energy I got from this experience was truly contagious and it really inspired me to volunteer for other future opportunities!
      • Jun 24, 2023
      • ?
        Was good to be able to contribute a little to the work MRA is doing to provide food aid and relief to those who needed it. Enjoyed volunteering together with other wonderful people and also enjoyed getting my daughter to start her volunteering efforts early. Kudos to the organisers and all the young university changemakers I met there along with the many volunteer nurses who still made time out of their busy work to make a difference elsewhere.
        • Jun 19, 2023
        • ?
          It was so nice to volunteer here today. I had an amazing time helping out with the packaging. The other fellow volunteers were really friendly which made it so much more fun. Really enjoyed today!
          • Jun 17, 2023
          • Arric Gomez
            I had a wonderful time volunteering! The organizing team and fellow volunteers were incredibly friendly and inclusive. The packing process was impressively efficient and fast, thanks to everyone working in sync. It was great to meet and connect with everyone involved. Highly recommended!
            • Jun 17, 2023