Volunteer as Computer Class Teacher

Volunteer as Computer Class Teacher

Project role (Temporary) · 3–4 hrs/Week · Starting from 29 May 2023 For around 3 months
4, Persiaran Titiwangsa, Titiwangsa, 53200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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The organiser has marked this opportunity as filled. Applications are closed. You can find other volunteering opportunities here.
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IMPIAN - Institut Masalah Pembelajaran & Autisme Malaysia
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Teaching our special needs students basic computer use as a part of their Activities of Daily Living (ADL).

Detailed description


This activity is to teach special needs students how to use functions and surf the world wide web.


The activity will be conducted over a period of 3 months, with regular weekly sessions to check on their progress and teach something new using the computer or other assertive technologies (e.g. Ipad or handphone).


A volunteer is required to

  • Guide the special needs individuals, by breaking down step-by-step into smaller components through using assistive technologies.
  • There will be obstacles (such as tantrums, meltdowns, and hyporesponsive- all would be briefed by the centre coordinator).
  • Always offer choices and autonomy to special needs individuals as they feel included and able to engage more with the tasks.
  • Keep in mind their sensory experiences. Give opportunity for the special needs individual to see, hear and observe the stimulus happening on screen.
  • Would need to use a visual aid to provide them with a better understanding of the computer use process- can refer to the activity coordinator.


  • Passionate in the special needs field.
  • Very patient and empathetic.
  • Organised and goal-oriented.
  • Adaptable and flexible on plan changes.

Throughout the activity, maintain a supportive and inclusive environment, adapting the activities and materials to accommodate the needs and abilities of the special needs students. Encourage collaboration, teamwork, and self-expression, fostering a sense of independence and autonomy.

Getting there

The organiser has marked this opportunity as filled. Applications are closed. You can find other volunteering opportunities here.
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About IMPIAN - Institut Masalah Pembelajaran & Autisme Malaysia

Who are we

IMPIAN, a Training Centre for children with Learning Disability and Autism was established in 1998 by two professionals, Y.Bhg. Datin Dr K Mangalaveni (Medical Practitioner) and Y.Bhg.Prof.Dr Zasmani Shafiee (Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist).

The purpose of setting up IMPIAN was the realisation to assist and provide opportunities for developing these special children’s potential in the real world. Among the programmes designed in IMPIAN are Early Intervention, Junior, Senior and Adult Programmes with Functional Academics and Vocational Programmes, Sheltered Workshop and Job Training. Other supplementary and support programmes include Occupational, Speech Therapy, Art, Music and Performing Arts and other Specialised Programmes.

Our needs
IMPIAN has obtained a JKM (Welfare Department) license (W/PJH OKU 001/2011) to operate Pusat Jagaan IMPIAN a training centre for Special Children. To have a continuous and holistic program operational that can provide proper vocational trainings, we do hope for support from the private sector and the public in our fundraising and charitable activities.

Our services
We cater to a wide variety of students with various learning disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, and Attention Deficient Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). We provide services and activities that greatly benefit the growth of children with special needs which are Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy, Sensory Integration Room and a Music Corner.

We are a non-profitable centre, solely depending on student fees and support from private sectors and the public in donations, sponsorships and volunteers, to conduct continuous and holistic programs for the students at IMPIAN whose ages range from 3 years to adults.